Welcome to my blog. I took a class last fall and fell in love with the prospect of using computer applications to analyze the ubiquitous networks around us to solve real-world problems.

To date, I have developed two web applications, the first an application to help find ‘Credit Card Theft Hubs’ and the second a ‘Hospital Drug Dispensing Recommendation Engine’ application.

The blog posts below, describe these applications in more detail. If you wish to review the applications before reading the blog posts, here are the links:

  1. Credit Card Theft Hub Investigation Application
  2. Hospital Drug Dispensing Recommendation Engine

If you have any questions or feedback, please email me – Mayha Shah

Credit Card Theft Hub Investigation

The problem... Credit card fraud involves identity theft to use someone else's account information as a source of funds in a transaction. Although fraudulent transactions only account for 0.1% of all credit card transactions, they [...]

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Hospital Drug Dispensing Recommendation Engine

The problem... According to the World Health Organization, the global pharmaceutical market is worth approximately $1 trillion. This number is continuing to rise as a result of technological advances and the growing world population. The [...]

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